23 11 2010

I simply used this site for gathering everyone then made the site we will really work on after. It is here:

That means we will no longer use this site. My only Wish is to create the world’s greatest MMORPG ever and I will succeed!!! Cya!




21 11 2010

Hey guys it’s Rheddy!!! Sorry I couldn’t open the website earlier today but I was grounded 😦 and and i finally got my grandpa’s SLOWWW computer working which may any second shut off on me. Plus I can’t see my text I am typing, so it’ll probably come out messy. Anyway I have finally opened the site!!! Now there are MILLIONS of things I would like to do but a few things I would like to know before we get started are :
A name you wanna be called:
Where I can contact you/email (just to be sure):
Something about you (example fave color blue):
And what you can do that could in any way be useful to the site:
I just want to be sure we have all this info.
Also I want to make a chat, an idea page to comment ideas, post some sketches, and post some of my old ideas from my past 2 sites ( which i will try and recover from google searches).
I wanna go on and on all night about the things I wanna do but (actually I think I’ll make a page on that) I don’t have the time before this old computer just gives out. Tommorrow I will be able to get on (unless I get introuble again LOL) some but I have to paint my new/old bedroom. New and old because I’m moving back into my old house. Long story. And if I can I will add all the workers to the site tommorrow. So Please reply and tell me the info. Cya ppl!!!

The site was previously The Big Wide World Of Adventure Game and is currently Clashing Bashes Of Battle. But we may change it again.

Also you can find the site we will really work on here:

Earth Calling PPL!

25 02 2010

We Are Starting TOMORROW!!! I have very much I wanna talk about and will post most of it!!! Get ready workers to release your imaginaition!!!

Have you ever dreamed of making a website similair to cp, webosaurs, roblox, WOW, planet cazmos, and many more?!?! Well this is the opportunity!!! I am Rheddy. Some of you may know me from many places but for years I have wanted to create my own website, one to call my own. I have tried 3 past times before…..but before I start I have a very long story to tell. A few years ago when I had nothing to do I was watching a Disney advertisment of Club Penguin. I thought it looked cool so I tried it, and after a while became obsessed with it. I went on google searching it and found cheat websites most of which were wordpress or blogger. I entered many contest and gave many comments but then I wanted to make my own. So I created my own WordPress website in about late 2008. After a week or 2 I got an email from a guy named Chrissjb15 saying I won his contest, so he sent me a rare penguin. I told him I just made my own site and needed help so he became my mentor. He taught me about wordpress, cp, how to get hits, and alot more. After about 2 or three 3 months from his site I found a link to Mouseyblacks website. Chriss and her already knew eachother and she had the most hits I’d seen someone have that would respond to me. So I forget how but I won 1 of her contests after a while and became her worker. There I also met (side character) someone named Starynight5. I worked there and struggled to make it for a very very long time. Maybe 4 to 5 months I found a link to a link to a link that led to a site from a person named Flubby123456. (I know your like Whats this gotta do with this stuff but youll see) and wow she was almost famouse so I entered a commenting contest that lasted a week and lost by about 50 comments to someone named Juju. It was a very wierd and hard contest. Plus Juju got fierce (lol) but after it was over I gave a coin code to Flubby to work on her site too, and her and juju became my good friends. After about some where near 7 months (I met many new ppl) someone named Cowtail5 (also one of her workers) who said he was gonna make a website like CP called The Super Crazy Frogs Game. He had some programmers and a nice coder or 2 and I joined him. 24/7 I worked on that site (including school lol) I met lotsa more ppl too. And after a while he said that he couldnt do it anymore and could no longer support the money for the site and gave it to me. Of course I went buzzerk with the power and quit it and it shut down. After some hard times I decided to make my own site. I came up with the name The Big Wide World Of Adventure Game and some items and characters. It was very very very hard to get workers (as it will be and is) for the site, but sooner or later I had me a crew. We did all sorts of swfs, designs, pics, ideas, and others (I even did a podcast for school about it) but after they found out I couldnt yet pay for the site they bailed on me 😦 After another long period (sounds very boring lol) I decided to start again. Still super hard to get workers I got an exellent designer (Drako) a pro coder, swfer, and programmer (Mimp and some random number XD) and some other ideas makers like my most loyal worker Kadro. We worked are skin off on that site for months with constent ideas, and we even changed the name to Clashing Bashes of Battle. But one April fools day(or somewhere near that still for the same reason) I foolishly I made a post saying that I was quiting the site and POOF!!! SOMEONE DELETED IT!!! I WAS HEART BROKEN!!! So ever sense then (God knows how long) I have been searching anything possible to search (litterly) just begging to find someone again. But allas I couldnt. I have been so sad and no one will probably find this site either and if they do they wont read all this. But I have a dream for the world greatest website ever. I WILL CREATE AN ACTION, ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, PUZZLE, (AND MANY MORE) ULTIMATE SITE WITH ALIENS, WIZARDS, MUTANTS, ROBOTS (AND MANY MORE) SOME DAY EVEN IF IT TAKES ME MY WHOLE LIFE!!! IT WILL BE A SUCCSESS!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME BY COMMENTING HERE WITH YOUR EMAIL PLZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!( ) HELP ME AND CREATE THE ULTIMATE SITE!!! Email me at and/or !!!


Id say we have about 8 or 9 sign ups (not including me and the people who never said yes or no just maybe) :( And all that advertising I did. I think no one is joining cause they get here see this site and say “Hay they haven’t even started their site yet!!! Yea right like I’d join a site that isn’t even posting yet!!!” So even though I hate having ppl miss out on stuff I think I might start it this Thurs-Sat (I’d rather do a weekend day because no school or homework. Plus right after next Fri starts Thanks giving break so that would be a good time) Also I thought of a little game. Sense none of the workers are helping I’m gonna have a contest. A contest to see which worker can get the most people to sign up. Heres how it works:

You advertise this post above (Without the bold part) everywhere you can and Ill have a limited time like say 3 weeks. Who ever gets the most gets a WICKED surprise. Whoever is 2nd gets a Awsome suprprise. And 3rd gets a Cool suprise. If you get 3 to 5 (maybe haven’t chosen numbers yet) You keep your job. If you have 2 or less your fired. Not to be cruel or make you work for your job but this Shows whos a hard worker, gets more workers, and at the least is something fun to do and win prizes. (THIS IS NOT I REPEAT THIS IS NOT NOW BUT ONCE I SAY IT IS (a week or so) !!! Well keep up the awsomeness of Making the greatest MMORPG EVER!!!!! P.S. Won’t add you until I make my first post and you comment the requirements ill put in the post.